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Premier IA is a light business jet designed by an American company Hawker Beechcraft. Technologists have developed a fuselage of high-strength composite material with a honeycomb structure and made it one of the tallest and widest in its segment.

The aircraft is designed for comfortable transportation of 6 passengers over a distance of up to 2500 km. For such relatively short flights, there is a bar counter with a cabinet for storing drinks and snacks, as well as 2 luggage compartments (fore and aft).

Best FBO terminals

Best flights start in best airports
Companies that own FBO complexes in the leading Central Asian capitals - Bishkek, Almaty and Tashkent, have been playing one of the leading roles in the field of business aviation both in the CIS market and in the international market for several years.


Whether you want to hold a business meeting or just relax before departure?

We take our exceptional service to the highest level to fly you personally around the world!

  • The plane is waiting for you a stone's throw from the terminal

  • The business jet leaves the runway just 15 minutes after your arrival at FBO.

  • Helicopter transfer service

  • The helipad is located at the passenger terminal and is available 24/7.

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Is it possible to order special meal?
A special menu may be requested at the time of booking. We serve dishes from many restaurants and catering companies in different airports, an individual preference may be met easily.
How can I calculate my flight?
Our manager would contact you to discuss special requests and details as soon as a flight request is sent. We are always ready to offer the best price based on your preferences.
Is it possible to add more passengers after the booking?
Whenever you book the whole plane, passenger list can be updated any time before the flight. However, kindly keep in mind the maximum capacity of 6 passengers.
What are the payment options?
Find the method, best suitable for you – cash, card transfer, bank transfer. Kindly be informed that all our flights are prepaid.
Is it permissible to bring animals when flying on board with G8?
Yes, small animals are permitted to travel on board with our guests if housed within appropriate cabin cubicles supplied by our guests.
About us
About us

G8 - Airlines was founded in 2022 in Bishkek.

We organize private flights for business and leisure. We offer individual, group and corporate flights. Our fleet consists of Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A aircrafts. Our aircrafts are based in Bishkek, Tashkent and Almaty.

"G8 - Airlines" offers a customer-oriented service, confidentiality and variability of service levels from business class to premium. We make exceptional accessible.

We build partnerships based on transparency, security and involvement in the organization process. Stay with us, grow with us and you will find a carrier and partner you can trust.

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